I’m sorry.

I’m sorry.

She’s such an innocent gem, not knowing what she’d done and I still acted the way I did.

I tried.

I tried so hard.  Oh gosh. Why am I like this?

I know this one sided thing is stupid, as stupid as it can be but I’m just disappointed.

Disappointed at myself.

Who am I kidding? When they say letting go of something you love is the most hardest thing, they’re right.

I guess it takes time. Over time, it’ll get better, I mean even ex-lovers can become friends again (I’ve seen two examples). But who am I kidding. We’re just friends and everything has been one-sided all along.

Gosh. I’m a joke.

But yea, I shouldn’t do this to her, not one bit. I shouldn’t do this to my friends either. It’s not worth it.

I guess I just have to give myself time and recover.

Got to get this over with quickly.


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