Let’s Talk About Death

It seems that the theme for this first week of 2018 is death.

I went to Maqam Habib Noh, then to the cemetery and then heard news of the loss of my friend’s friend’s loved ones.

It cannot be mere coincidence that I received such news related to death this whole week.

It might that Allah SWT wants to remind me of how probable death is and how it can affect me suddenly.

I just don’t know what to feel… how will I react if my loved ones just perish just like that? How can I carry that pain and continue to live on? I would be scarred. Furthermore, you wouldn’t expect such a tragedy can happen to you until it actually happens to you. And when it does, it will knock you off your feet. You will just crumble, I know I will.

Oh gosh. My condolences to him. After losing his whole family just like that, I really don’t know how he can move on.

Death comes immediately and unknowingly. There are some deaths that can be predicted but most aren’t. Accidents and organ failures are such.

This week really gets me thinking and pondering about death and how it is so close to us and how it is the only thing that we know will happen in our lives. It is really scary. Sometimes, we become mad at Allah SWT and wondered why he had taken away our loved ones but we shouldn’t question Him. He knows what’s best for us and He chose our burdens in life. Gosh. Berat mata memandang, berat lagi bahu yang memikulnya. 

I’m sorry if I am blabbering but I just cannot understand how heavy their burden is. I cannot fathom the emotions they’re going through. I cannot seem to imagine how I’d be if I’m in their position. All I can is pray for their emotional well-being and may Allah SWT guide them out of the darkness. I pray also for Allah SWT to grant those that passed, Jannah. Amin.

Oh gosh, it sucks. It sucks so much. Death sucks but… everyone has to go through it. There is no escape. I just hope that I meet Allah SWT when my iman is the strongest and may I die in the best of positions, sujud.

Death is scary not because of death itself but because of the unknown that comes after and the judgement and punishment of Allah SWT that comes with it. Are you ready to meet Allah SWT? I’m not.

You feel pity for the living to have lost someone but you fear more for the dead, hoping that they’re be granted mercy.

A good reminder but a scary one.



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