In the past week…

In the past week, I had gone to two separate camps, NUSMS Exco Retreat and the Annual Silat Bonding Camp 2018.

Both were a blast.

It’s funny how putting people into a common space can build friendships. By putting people together and doing activities together, it builds up common experiences that I believe are crucial to building up a team.

I loved everyone that I had met through the camps and I really hope that the friendships forged continue to build up from there.

However, the coming and going of the camps also highlight that school is starting soon, next week in fact. It is scary how quickly time passed by and how time never waits. Well… a new semester is here and I better get my s*** together quickly. I cannot let this semester go to waste; work hard is one thing but working smart is another.

I honestly don’t know what to feel about the new semester. It will be different as I’ll be taking many modules alone, it will be a test of my independence. Furthermore, I’ll be pursuing newer topics and newer things that I have never been exposed to; I’m really going out of my comfort zone.

Anyway, I really want to try to put in my best this semester and truly live by the word: hustle.

It is also my last semester in both of my exco positions and I really want to make a change and make a difference. I will try my best, insyaAllah.



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