I have many things

I have many things that I want to share with you but I think the one thing that has been bugging me is the inadequacy that I feel as a human being, a creator and a future entrepreneur.

I feel inadequate when I compare myself to other people. Like… I know that I shouldn’t compare myself to someone’s highlight reel but it really shows how less work you’re putting in compared to the rest.

I just want to start completing things. Like… right now, I have so many pending works but none are things that I have yet completed. I’m only like a step in for all of them and no real progress have been made.

I’m quite nervous at the amount of work that is piling but it also excites me a little. I just want to do it. I need time.

I really need time to just sit down and think with a fresh mind.

It’s hard to think when you’re exhausted or when you have things that distract you.

I need to review my plan. I really need to.

I shall do it now.



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