It is almost two weeks since my ‘social media’ break.

It has been really good to be disconnected.

One thing that I notice is that I know lesser things about the ongoing lives of my friends and when they tell me about it, I am genuinely surprised. I think there is some benefit in not knowing things. I guess you tend to cherish the connection between people and not the superficial.

I realised also that I am more focused, more focused on the work that I do and completely less distracted with my phone. I no longer expect likes, shares, follows to happen but just let it be.

It is that freedom of not being chained by the expectations of others or by the self-absorbed tendencies of social media that make this break feels good.

Anyway, I’m just thankful for everything that has happened to me thus far. I guess life just gets a little bit more complicated but I’m thankful that I’m still managing it.

Anyway, this week is Chinese New Year and with a lot of classes that are put on hold, I can catch up on my work. Maybe I’ll even come down to school to do some work. Heck.

Yeah, just several things to catch up on. So yeah, I will finish them all, insyaAllah.



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