Groundhog Day

To remove ones’ egocentrism to the point where the only thing you care about is making others happy is something thatbis very hard to do.

To be nice to everyone and to make that your primary mode of thought is something that requires years to practice.

When someone is given a repeated day to relive every single day, he is given a choice: to commit crime without any consequences or to do good.

After a while, the character realised that he got bored of that life, of a life trying to get the girl, to force her to fall in love with him through knowing her and not by understanding her. To take advantage of the loop that he’s been given to just get the upper hand.

But he fails to realise that what’s more important is his own character, his own traits and morals that will finally get the girl. She might have fallen for the trap early on but when she realised that it’s all set up, he had no more substance to keep her with him.

But ever since he had sincerely repent, sincerely changed for the better, to overcome his ‘shadow’ so to say, she stayed.

It says so much about what actually keeps a girl and what relationships really mean. It isn’t egocentrism or knowing another person so well but it’s about removing that ego, caring for others, developing oneself and understanding the other that will forge a strong relationship.

Groundhog Day is a good movie, one that highlights the overcoming of the ego and how a hedonistic lifestyle can never sustain a person’s wellbeing. It teaches that one should live in gratitude and compassion to truly live a happy life.

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