it changed


As I continue to dive deeper into religion and to learn more about it, the idea or what religion means to me changes. I realised this.

in the past, it was to fit in, to become better, to not be awkward during religious events and to know what in the world is going on. However, over time, I realised that religion, Islam rather, has become something more.

Now, it is something that I look forward to learning, something that I want to share with people and something that I want to know everything about. They say that the best of peoples are those that have the constantly have the remembrance of Allah. The saints have their lips wet with dzikr. I think that is something that I want to strive for, to constantly remember Him and the Prophet SAW.

To constantly learn about the seerah of the Prophet SAW, to constantly learn more about this religion truly open your eyes to the pains of this world and how this world really doesn’t matter. I mean it does but how everything in this world is temporary.

We live in a world where capitalism fuels our hedonistic lifestyle. Islam is a way out of that. By submitting ourselves to Him and ensuring that every decision we make is for His pleasure, it removes us from the burden of our own desires, from the burden of guilt of failure. We realised that everything is already predetermined by Him and what we can do is strive for the best (to our own knowledge).

May we continue to learn more about this beautiful religion and may we continue to be steadfast and strive in the way of Allah SWT.

Let me end with a quote (rephrased obviously because I can remember nuts):
“How does one defeat an enemy that looks forward to death?”

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