That Friend

I have friend. He fends for himself.

Basically, you only see him do things that will help him propel forward. He doesn’t socialise much and he weed out a lot of the unnecessary things.

You know he’s busy but you just don’t know what he’s busy with. I suppose, you can call him a tanker.

He loves to do things on his own and not listen to the opinion of others. In Malay, we have a word for that, ‘degil’.

In every good essence of the word, he is very ‘degil’. I guess that comes from his upbringing of always needing to better himself and fend for himself in the outside world. He has learned to be truly independent of those around him and knowing that other people are just ‘nikmat’ or worldly pleasures for him. If he has friends, it’s good, but without, he is also good.

I’ve been pondering about this friend for a while and about his character. He’s slowly making a name for himself in the outside world. I realised that he is truly, in every sense of the word, adulting.

He isolates himself to do work, to get things done for real.

Fun is not essential.

I can learn so much from him. I guess one thing is how he can truly dissociates himself from everyone and just be focused.

For a start, taking a break from social media was one of the ways to teach me to let go. I guess, to a certain extent, it has achieved that but there are still remnants.

I believe I need to seek solitude. To really immerse myself in me and not let myself be defined by others.

Friends will be there.

But they will definitely not be there if you lost your way and fail and this thing called life.

May we strive for the best and may we continue to prosper.

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