‘Good’ Work


Work is the fundamental thing all human beings must learn to do. However, it is even better if one learns how to do GOOD work.

As of late, as my terms for NUSMS and NUS Silat are ending, I am having doubts on whether I have been doing ‘good’ work or am I going to let the chance slip by again just like how it was in NS?

I have really been wondering that for a fair bit and the lack of ‘hustle’ has affected the quality of work that I have been doing. I guess it all stems down to the lack of motivation or more so, the lack of creativity. I don’t feel as creative as I had been. Thoughts rarely assimilate and eureka moments stopped happening. It might also be for my lack of chasing my creative endeavours and more focused on the responsibilities that I have. Maybe this justifies the break that I have to take this coming summer.

Anyway, solitude week is here and I’m finally back at Science Library. I can’t believe how much I missed this place, the place where I spent most of my Year 1 at.

Despite the lack of ‘creativity’, I guess what I should muster now is the discipline to do ‘good’ work.



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