A Seedling’s Journey

Each and every one of us faces tests. These tests are made just for us by Allah SWT and no one else can face these tests.

They are personalised and targeted for you so that you can develop yourself and continue to improve.

Therefore, it is important to not compare yourself to others for their tests is only for them and yours, for yourself. It is through tests where one can flourish and grow.

But then, what do we do when the tests become very hard?

I’m sure all of us have heard of the term, ‘sabr’. In the casual sense, the term ‘sabr’ tend to just mean to be patient. However, it is in fact, more than that. To just be patient and to take things for what they are is not really ‘sabr’ but instead, it is ‘reda’ which means, ‘to accept’.

So, what does ‘sabr’ mean?

Sabr means that one has to be patient and also fight for the thing that you need to do. You have to strive for it knowing that Allah SWT is behind you. You cannot just sit and relax and take it. You have to fight for it.

In the end, insyaAllah, we will grow and flourish.

So how do we flourish? We flourish by burying ourselves deep in humility. To be humble in whatever the situation. Say… in a situation where you obviously do not know anything, to be humble means to keep quiet and listen. Only speak about something you know and keep quiet on the things that you do not know. It seems easy but in fact, it is very hard to practice. In a situation where you obviously are the expert, be humble by reminding yourself that there might be things that you do not know, there are some things that other people might know more than you.

That above reminds me of a story in Surah Al-Kahf about Musa AS and the Trial of Knowledge. Here is the link if you want to find out more:



Anyway, one should bury themselves in humility to grow. Another is to keep off the things that you do not know and things that are not a concern to you. In this era, rumours spread quickly and passionately and we, as laymen may not understand the difference between right and wrong. We also might not realise that what we are spreading is fake news. Also, we should try not to argue about things that we really do not know and give our comments about them.

Faith is something that takes time to develop. There are really many things that we can do to develop faith but the most important thing is to do it consistently and sustainably.



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