His Pleasure

We cannot get everything that we asked for.

Sometimes we hope for something to happen, for a certain thing to happen to us or to achieve something but that’s the only thing we can do, we can only hope. Even if we put in the effort, we cannot expect that things will turn out the way we want it to.

It is funny you see, how we always expect things to happen the way we want it to to the extent that we will control every possible controllable variable. However, we failed to realise that all of it depends on Him.

This is why we were encouraged to do Istikharah, to pray to Him and ask Him to guide us in our decisions. It is highly encouraged to do it for every decision that we make so that we can get His guidance. However, start small.

Anyway, we just have to remove ourselves from the mindset of expectation.

This idea of decision-making has been on mind lately. It is the idea of whether what we do is based on our own nafs or whether it is based on something greater, like seeking His pleasure. I know… sometimes it is hard to fight our nafs and sometimes… we just want it so badly. But one has to put themselves into a practical state of mind, of whether one is actually doing it because of their emotions or because they truly understand the situation they are in?

Sometimes, one isn’t ready but because of their nafs, they follow through and brought themselves into a whole lot of problems.

Maybe that is why I take big decisions seriously and take a while to think about it. I might seem indecisive but I guess it is all worth it in the end. I just need time to understand my own feelings and emotions and not just jump in for the sake of the nafs.

Hmm… now I wonder if the things that I have been doing are for my own pleasure or to seek His pleasure?


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