Our blessings can always be taken away

Last Saturday, I volunteered with my Silat members to clean a house as part of the programme by Ramadan On Wheels (ROW) conducted by 4PM. In short, it was an experience.

Aside from the initial shock from the situation, it was a hoarding situation, we were confused/bewildered as to how someone could live in such a situation. Basically, there wasn’t any floor space, wardrobes were filled to the brim with clothes, kitchen and every nook and cranny were filled with insects and cockroach eggs. It was in such a bad condition.

But when we went in, we began clearing all the junk that was in the house from broken washing machines to unused clothes (oh gosh, the number of clothes are insane, two people do not need such huge amounts of clothes). We began digging and uncovered so many dead cockroaches and just… junk.

Over time, as we were clearing the papers and letters, we began to realise that this woman had experienced a huge change in her life. (This story was corroborated by us and we have no surety as to how true it is). Basically, she was a university graduate with a stable job and a bright future ahead. She has a son and her son was married at one point in time. She also had a loving husband who sent her letters but over time, he got caught up in the law. That’s when her life starting spiralling out of control. It got worse too when her husband passed away. The son then experienced an accident that caused him to have epileptic moments. He lost his wife and I believe a daughter too. Now, both of them lived in such a state of a home. Possibly, the stress was so bad for her that she too began to experience a drop in mental health that might lead to the hoarding situation. But the saddest thing to me is how a person can fall into such a state. She was an intelligent woman, writing poems and from the memos that we’ve seen, she was really looking for an escape. She was trying so hard to escape her situation, to find a job, to bring herself back on her feet after experiencing everything that she did. Maybe like Nabi Ayub AS, she basically lost everything and has been stuck in that low state until today.

I don’t know what and why Allah SWT tests her with this but what I do know that it is a lesson for all of us volunteers. It was more than eye-opening as we realised that there are such people living in our society and they’re slowly being hidden from view. We also realised that anything… anything at all can happen to any of us. It doesn’t mean that we are successful that we can never fall into such a bad state. We can, and it is up to Allah SWT whether he wants to take away the blessing He has given us or not.

We are reminded to always be grateful, to be in a state of syukr, for everything that He has given us. Our blessings can be taken away, so say ‘Alhamdulillah’ for what we have now.

May we continue to pray for the success of one another and may Allah SWT continue to bless us with his blessings. May we continue to help the people that are in need and guard our tongues. May we continue to be sincere in our volunteering efforts and may we be amongst those that attain His pleasure. May Allah SWT guard our hearts, health and mind against the evil doings of the Shayateen and may He continue to bless us with utmost health. Amin.

Our blessings can always be taken away, any time, anywhere.


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