Let me think about it

I have been having trouble focusing as of late, especially during prayer.

One of the main goals of a Muslim during prayer is to attain khusyu’ which means to have an intense focus on the prayer itself. One does not want their minds to wander about during prayer and be heedless to what is happening in the prayer i.e. the words that are being recited.

But as of late, I have not achieved that. My mind wandered about aimlessly going from place to place. It was hard to focus too. I don’t know why it is happening but one thing I know is that it is really starting to annoy me to a great degree.

It is Ramadan and I want to attain the best possible salah and the best possible state during that salah but it is hard if your mind starts to wander. I have tried to be consciously aware but in just a split second, I can lose sight of it.

I guess if I really want to search for an excuse, one is that it is already mid-Ramadan and possibly I’m in a state of spiritual fatigue whereby it becomes tiring to do the extra good deeds as the motivation of Ramadan slowly begins to wear off. It is a problem. I need to reignite the flame somehow. Two days ago, I had the opportunity to meet the Mufti of Singapore himself and one thing he said that one has to always have a goal, a vision that one can strive for. It is to keep yourself grounded and not wander about aimlessly. I guess looking at it, I have lost that vision for myself. I’m doing so many things at once that I ended up not doing anything at all.

I need a vision or at least a goal.

Let me think about it.



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