Ramadan Flew

This year, Ramadan flew past real quick. I’m not sure how could it have passed by so quickly but it did.

Thus, this calls for a reflection.

In the past month, I tried to focus on memorising surahs from Juz’ Amma and also learn some tafsir of certain common surahs which relates back to why I decided on going to the weekend classes at Al-Qudwah. In relation to the goal of memorising, I did memorise three new surahs as of today: Al-Fil, Al-Humazah and Al-Adiyat. I kind of memorised Al-Maun too but I just have to review that again. So far so good I think. I guess I’m taking it slow and steady but insyaAllah, it’ll be beneficial for me.

Aside from that, I’ve been volunteering which I think is something different for me this Ramadan. I’m not of the volunteering type and I guess being in NUSMS helped me to break out of that shell by acting as a platform for me to try volunteering. I also volunteered with NUS Silat in collaboration with 4PM which I think was a wonderful experience though many things could have been better.

Hmm… something new for this Ramadan too is that it is filled with leftover work from the past Academic Year and I’m just trying to clear it. So far, it has been tough as my motivation drastically waned and I spent most of my time watching ‘The Office’. Heh. Still trying to find that motivation again, maybe it lies in minimalism videos. ha. ha. ha…

That reminds me, I might want to clear my room from all the nonsense of the past academic year.

Well, anyway, the last 10 nights of Ramadan are here and we just have to hustle hard to try to achieve the Night of Power, Laylatul Qadr. InsyaAllah, may He forgive all our sins and may He guide us on the path of the Prophet SAW. No matter how little your efforts are in the path of Allah SWT, may He reward us manifold for it. Amin.

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