Today is EID

Today is EID.

And it is the mark of celebration for the Muslims all over the world. After a month of fasting, and Muslims come together to celebrate the ending of another successful Ramadan. However, it makes me wonder whether there are any change in people going from year to year. Sometimes people never change while other times people do change a lot. It makes me sad to think that there are people that never do change. Going from year to year remaining stagnant And not learning anything new at all. There are also some people that continue again their bad habits even after Ramadan.

I can only hope to not be one of those people. As the celebrations continue and as we visit family and friends, we can only hope to bring new things to the table and show that you have grown throughout the years. Every year, we are only getting older. Therefore, we need to learn and continue to grow every year. I don’t think it is hard To learn something new. However it takes some effort to actually learn something. No matter how small it is, I think it will go a long way if we continue to learn and strive to develop ourselves.

It is Eid once again and definitely the questions asked by our relatives remain the same. We can only hope to give a different answer every year. InsyaAllah, we will continue to be better versions of ourselves.

May He continue to guide us along the way and keep us steadfast. Amin.

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