First Day of Raya

I am tired. It has only been a day and it is already so exhausting. Everyone was dressed beautifully and handsomely. They post OOTDs of themselves on Instagram. To be honest, I’m quite jealous of them to be able to dress so beautifully on this blessed day.

My experience on the first day of Raya has been different as compared to the rest of the years. We managed to find some cousins tag along with on my father’s side and it made the Raya much more eventful.

Further more, there was an open house at my cousin’s house on my mother’s side. So basically I’ve visited both sides today.

It is already 1230 at night and I really need to sleep. I’m just glad that the Malay community is very proud of our traditions and that we continue to strengthen ties of kinship.

I am very happy to see our community smiling and growing together and I really think that if the community continues to develop our young ones we will be a community that will be stronger. Anyway, that is my thought for today.

I hope to take more pictures tomorrow and maybe get an OOTD. Oh well, I guess I’ll see you guys again tomorrow, insyaAllah.

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