Keep our egos in check.

Do you always fear that your prayers are not accepted?

Sometimes we are afraid that we do not carry out a prayers correctly And sometimes due to our lack of knowledge we missed out on certain things. Therefore, even during prayers I think about these things.

But all I can do is to hope for the best that my prayers are accepted.

Can we ever be certain that what we do for God is for the good? Sometimes I wonder if anything is worth at all. Sometimes when we carry out our tasks In the path of God, our egos might come in the way. Our egos will change the direction of such tasks and it will affect our choices and our decisions along the way. Sometimes when we do a lot of good deeds, we begin to think that we are better than everyone else which in fact is not true. In actual fact, we are worse off.

I guess it is hard sometimes to separate ego from the work that we do especially when we have been doing it for a very long time. I guess it becomes numb us. However, we need to be conscious of our intentions. I guess I put a very strong focus on intentions especially when we are doing things that affect the community. Because intentions drive our purpose in the things that we do.

I guess if I continue talking further I will start rambling but the main point of this post is to help us realise that we need to keep our egos in check.

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