It is really true how easily you fall into sin after Ramadan.

People no longer think about the rights and the wrongs.well, to be more specific, people no longer abstain from doing things that are deemed ‘unIslamic’. I guess without Ramadan, there is no conscious need to think whether the things that we do are in His favour. Instead, we just do it.

Maybe it is also due to the whispers of the devil that tempts us or maybe it is just due to our uncontrolled desires or nafs. I don’t know but what I do know is that the change is apparent.

Maybe that is why the fasts of Syawal are considered harder than the Ramadan fasts because aside from the whispers of the devil, you are all alone in fasting. So, it is all determined by pure self motivation.

InsyaAllah we can continue to be conscious of the sins during our Raya visits and be conscious of his whispers.

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