It has been a while since I been in the flow state: a state where ideas just come rolling in without much prompt.

I blame it on distractions. There’re too many distractions in my life and too much time that I’m procrastinating as long as I can. I need to get back that flow state.

But how I wonder.

It might be the food that I eat to the time I wake up but I feel that every single aspect of the day affects it one way or another.


Maybe I need to do a wardrobe clear and to also clear my bookshelves. I guess decluttering might help.

Anyway, I’m planning to hustle but I don’t know what kind of hustle. I need money and I need a business idea/business model. Photography is the way to go for me and I’m planning to do that secular/Muslim project. Maybe I should just focus on that first.


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