Getting good habits is hard.

It is not deciding on what good habits to do but rather how to maintain those habits because even an anomaly that prevents you from carrying out a habits can break the cycle.

In the past, I have a solid list of habits, one that I maintained and practised for a very Long time. If I’m not mistaken that was back in Year One when exhaustion was absent and motivation was high. Now, I have seemed to have lost all forms of discipline and it has become very hard to set my mind on things and carry them out.

But I know, I know that things will not change if I don’t put in the effort.

I will try again.

There are a few things that I look forward to, starting a business, getting married, and for the short term, TSC (which is happening in a few months’ time). The first two require some substantial amount of money while the last one requires me to be physically fit and active. All can only be gained through hard work and determination.

Again, I’ll try again to get back on my feet.

So, what are the habits that I plan to do on the daily?

  1. Read
  2. Write
  3. Exercise
  4. Earn money

I guess reading still holds a special place in my heart. In the past, the ideas that flow out of me are constant and ever creative and since I had ‘stopped’, they’re waning. Now, I will strive to read consistently. I don’t think it matters what I read as Long as I do. Hmm… maybe I have to also consider reading the news.

Writing is how I let my emotions and ideas out. I Guess a blog post every day will not hurt. It does not have to be prim and proper but just about what happened during the day and the ideas that I have.

Exercise is a must. Looking at my fitness level as of late, I’m actually in pretty bad shape. I doubt I’m even ready for the training that is to come for TSC. Furthermore, since our coach took a break, it wasn’t as disciplined and physically challenging as before. Thus, I feel that I need to put in my own efforts to push myself. I just hope they’re no 8AM classes in August to ruin this. Exercise includes cardio and weights. However, I feel that I’ll have to focus more on calisthenics to build functional muscles and not mass.

Earning money is a weird thing. I need to hustle not just in school but outside school too. This is going to be hard and I need to find a way to earn money without affecting many parts of my life. Thus, it means I need to start planning my own business. The only issue is what and how. I guess there is a fear that people always meant bad things but in actual fact, they’re just worried about you. Thus, they’ll discourage risky behaviours but in my opinion, I need to learn how to fail and the feelings of failure through doing business. InsyaAllah.

Whatever it is, may Allah SWT guide me to always do the right thing.

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