Tuning In

Most of us live in cities. Most cities are noisy. Therefore, we can learn to appreciate silence. Most of us are always distracted by sound either from our music or from the streets. Therefore, we never have the chance to be in a quiet environment and not do anything. These sounds, I feel, are very distracting. Even music can be distracting. They numb our brains from being able to think and process information and instead fill it up with nonsense that does not benefit the brain at all.

I’m sure there are some scientific evidences that support the use of music for studying and productivity and whatnot, however, those are not the kinds of music that we are listening on a daily basis today. It is precisely why we cannot just quote such music to justify distracting ourselves. I feel that we can really learn a lot from silence. We just need time to allow our brains to think and process information. We need to learn how to converse with ourselves and to learn how to converse less with one another.

When we unplug our ears from sounds, we can truly learn to plug in and tune in with ourselves.

Sometimes you just want to tune yourself out of the world but sometimes you need to tune yourselves in. It depends really but what I suggest is that to get a proper frame of mind, get in touch with the environment around you first.

I don’t know whether what I say is true because in the end, I am just a blogger going about my daily life and I’m experiencing life as much as you do too. But I guess from my experience, tuning in allows us to be more creative faster and better.

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