Hello world, it has been awhile since I write something. As of late, I haven’t been feeling so well. Not in the physical sense but in the emotional and spiritual sense. I don’t feel is controlled as I used to. I feel as if I’m chasing of the things is that things are happening so quickly that I don’t have the time to calm myself down and chill.

Many things have been happening in the past few days. From our friends commencements to working with the commencement committee to training and also spending time with your loved one. About that, I think I falling deeply in love. There are just so many things that I appreciate about her and I don’t remember anyone else in the past that could tolerate will even entertain my character and my quirks. Whenever I look at her I will come to realise that I was smiling and I don’t know why. Maybe, maybe I just find happiness when I’m with her. Ahh. Anyway, I can’t really write much or compliment her much because I think she might be reading this. If you are hello, sayang.

Okay, going back to the topic of today. I really think that having a routine is very important. I think I have written about this is in the past before. It was about the kinds of routines that worked for me. In the past, I had several things that I would do every day and that kept me on track. It started to teeter off last semester and I think that threw me off for the rest of the semester. That is why I think I need to get back the routine before the next semester comes. Furthermore, I’ll be competing this year and I do not want to be off my game. Alongside my side hustle and school, there’re so many things that I must achieve this year. I Guess many things are going for me and now, the final thing for the equation is my own hard work. I can’t fail any of this. I must push through.


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