Day 1

The title of this blog post is called ‘Day 1’ because it will be the first day where I carry out my new routine for the coming semester. It is Fast isn’t it. Three months just flew by in a blink of an eye. What did I accomplish during those three months I wonder… Well, I earned money… about $680 in fact from doing part time. About $380 from my side hustle. I Guess the major accomplishment for this summer is me slowly going professional. I’m doing greater things and slowly I’ll focus on getting more clients and gigs.

However, it is scary to go out into the working world. You’re basically placed out there to fend for yourself and no one will be there to take care of you. I’ve been thinking a lot about adulthood especially since I have a partner now and I’ve tasted money earned from my own blood, sweat and tears. I’m looking into housing, finances and even insurance. It is going to be tough one but I think it’s better if I start it out early. We’re also already discussing marriage and what kind of weddings we want and most importantly, when. I know, I know, some would say that we’re too early to be talking about it but I can see no problems with her. There is isn’t a single trait that I dislike or cannot tolerate. I like every aspect of her. That’s why I’m not afraid to talk about it with her. I think she feels the same way. I hope so. Also, we’ve been talking about the number of children we want and such, including baby names. It’s amazing. I just pray and hope that we will reach that stage.

3 years we decided. 3 years before we can finally get married. By then, I’d be in the working world for about a year and probably (hopefully) have a stable enough income whilst working on my side hustle. That’s the dream.

Talking about dreams, I want to at least build one of three things: cafe, bookstore or a studio. She said that I should build all three which I think is a wonderful idea and thus, I had made it my goal. InsyaAllah, I will continue to work towards that.

Anyway, I’m sure you’re wondering what that photo is for. Well, it is from a book that I just bought titled, ‘The Daily Stoic’ by Ryan Holiday. That page talks about controlling what you can and focus only on what you can control. They say, do not look beyond the facts for it will not be helpful and you’ll only end up worrying on the things that you might not know would even happen or not.

I guess the take away from that is to never be so involved in predicting things and be so worried about things that haven’t happened for you might never know what will happen.

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