Perfection is the enemy of action

We all know the meaning of perfection but have we ever seen perfection?

Sometimes we can get too caught up in the work that we are doing to the point where we strive for perfection; every single detail that seems off will be scrutinised by us. Sometimes, the strive for perfection is to the point where we actually never get anything done.

There is a saying by creatives which is to ‘just put out content’. We have to just release as much content/work as possible and not to be too caught up into making a perfect work. If so, we will be paralysed.

Analysis paralysis is also something that people might become obsessed with. Before starting a venture or in making a decision, we might tend to research too much into the things that we want to do that we don’t actually do it in the end. This is why ‘Perfection is the enemy of action’.

We need to learn to just put aside the need for perfection and go do. This I think is especially important for creators like me.

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