NUSMS Journey, a reflection

As they sat there chattering away and saying their goodbyes to each other, I can’t help but wonder about the shared memories that we had throughout the year. I can’t help but recall the arguments and discussions that we had in the beginning of the year and the slow realisation that we just have to do our best till the very end. Choking on tears, I can’t help but wonder if we would ever meet each other ever again or whether our paths will cross.

It is amazing how much had changed in the span of only a year. From being almost strangers at the beginning to comfortable colleagues that would end up executing a project that would last a whole year. I can’t completely express my emotions through text alone but I will try my best.

They have changed me for the better. Apart from delving deeper into Islam, I believe that it is true how the company that you have affects you as a person. They had somewhat moulded me to be a better Muslim. I guess I learnt a lot from them and becoming closer to God in the process. Now, my worry is that I wouldn’t be as religious as I stepped down from my position in the ExCo. Now, I think it has to come from myself, to put in the effort to continuously strive towards Allah SWT.

As much as I despised the workload every event, I enjoyed in trying to make myself better and achieve an idealistic goal I had in mind. I entered NUSMS with a vision of trying to make the publicity of NUSMS a string and capable one but after a few months or so, I realised that my skills are sorely lacking. I’m driven to better myself and I’m Glad that I’m slowly improving,

Impacting others to be better has always been my underlying motivation. It makes me happy to see that I have made someone better and that I had benefitted the community. NUSMS provided me with that platform and I have to commend my members for assisting me in achieving that, InsyaAllah.

I can’t say that I am sad to no longer be part of the ExCo but I can say that I am sad that I’m no longer in that clear position to make a change in the Muslim community in NUS. I know I can still give back to society by advising and pushing for my own projects but it’s different. However, I guess the upside is that I’m no longer confined to the rules and structure of a society.

I’ll definitely miss the people and as some of us will be continuing to the next Executive Committee, I can safely say that the next one will be the one to truly make a change, InsyaAllah.

I’m only worried for my publicists especially in both NUSMS and Silat as both of them are new to the scene though I’m confident of their technical skills. Being a Creative myself, I have a soft spot for them and may I be able to guide them and whoever else as well as how my seniors have guided me.

My biggest worry is that I wouldn’t be able to contribute back as much as I did before or even be a role model for the juniors that are coming in. Hmm… I’ll try my best.

Anyway, this is where I end this post.

Till we meet again.


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