What’s the appropriate answer to ‘How’s life?’

It’s a funny conversation that I overheard this morning:

A: Hey, how are you?

B: Good, good, as usual, if not I won’t be here.

It’s such a simple conversation but when Person B says ‘if not I won’t be here’, it made me wonder if we have ever been thankful/grateful for being where we are now in the first place. Whether we are truly grateful for still being alive despite all the bad circumstances that we were thrown into.

We are now at where we are because of Allah SWT and life will always be ‘good’ because it’s better than not being around at all (I think). We should always be thankful that we are still alive and able to carry on with our daily activities and see our loved ones.

No matter how painful the test is, we should always be thankful that we could have had it worse.

Look at the story of Prophet Ayubb AS where he was tested by Allah SWT where his wealth, health and progeny were slowly taken away from him but he held firm to the promise of Allah SWT and in the end, he was blessed with twice as much as he had before.

I know, I know, sometimes were in a rut, we’re facing mental illness and such but knowing your circumstances, know that Allah SWT is there and He’s always there. Know that you’re not suffering on your own.

May Allah SWT make us amongst the best of peoples and may He forgive us for all the sins that we’ve committed ever, both hidden and seen. May He grant us His Rahmah on the Day of Judgement and may we be shaded by His Arsh.


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