One thing that I’ve learnt from her in the past 4 months that we have been together is her sincerity in doing things. But before that, bit of back story, she is a hustler. She juggled so many responsibilities and duties and pushes herself to the limit. Sometimes, well, most, she would sleep late and even forget about eating all together. She would then proceed to tell me all about it and told me to not worry. Heck.

Anyway… when I asked her why wouldn’t she drop at least one thing, she said that she has to do it because she’s doing it for Allah SWT. That made we wonder if I am really a bad person? Deep down, I do feel as such. To be honest, I am quite disappointed in myself. Looking at her, it made me realise how much more humanity that I need to instil into myself and how her akhlak and character are just superior. It actually add ,e wonder if I have been doing things for Allah or for other reasons?

This is a good segwey to an article that I read online written by Mark Manson:


It is a review article kinda thing on Immanuel Kant’s writing on ethics. He talks about whether we are doing something or using someone as a means to achieve an end goal that we have set and if we do, we are regarded as unethical.

So the question is whether I have unethical all these while. Whether I have used others to my own advantage and whether I have the right intention from the very beginning. One is whether I am taking photographs for the benefit of the client or just because I want to milk money from them? That’s also one of the reason why I don’t want to charge too much.

I don’t think I’ll ever be like her but I will always learn something new from her. May she continue to teach me the lessons in life and may Allah SWT continue to guard her heart and give her strength, always.

I need to always revisit my intentions and may I be on the right path.

I think I love her.

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