We must test ourselves

I think most of us are afraid of testing ourselves, to know where we stand to the point that we scare ourselves to mediocrity.

Instead of testing ourselves and pushing ourselves to the limit, we lead lives or normalcy, never growing, never developing.

Just like a muscle that only grows upon stress, we should put ourselves in stressful situations to know how far we can achieve. Only through such experiences can we truly become better.

One such example is that of National Service. To be honest, I don’t know how I went through 7 months of painful Rota Commander training but it was with that pressure and stress that made me the fittest that I’ll ever be. And looking forward, there’s nothing that is worse or can be worse than that!

We should never be afraid to put ourselves through sh**. One thing is entrepreneurship. One cannot always be comfortable and count the risks. Go all in and learn how far can you go. Sometimes, it might surprise you.

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