The novelty of things

Sometimes we get too caught up in the novelty of things that we are blinded of the true value of things. Things such as branding is one way where we place certain products on a pedestal as compared to others that may even be better.

However, that is not hat I want to talk about. Mark Manson discussed on the idea of the novelty of travelling that he has this itch to always go to the most scenic of places as Lon as he sees it on Instagram. His purpose is that he might be able to feel the wanderlust and not be left out in the race of beautiful places.

I feel that that is the problem of our society nowadays. We’re quick to determine what is novel or not based on the frequency of it being shown on social media. Social media, in a way, has skewed our perception of the world, putting certain thing high up on the pedestal while others… seemingly become quiet and non existent.

Anyway, there is just this race to be better, to be more aesthetic and to be more. The race to be more is killing us, trying to rid us of our free will, deciding for us what is novel and what is not. We tend to follow our instincts rather than our intellects. And we all know how our instincts can sometimes go terribly wrong.

I just urge all of us to be more conscious of our choices and to truly appreciate and understand the value of things and not be caught up trying to one up each other.

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