I think that it has been three weeks since I stopped using Instagram.

If there is one gain from this experience, it would be time. I somehow find myself with an abundance of time.

An hour feels like more than an hour and when I study, I’m totally in tune. Furthermore, I’m not so distracted, always reflecting and allowing my mind to wander.

Bottom Line: I feel great.

Though, I have to go back to using social media in the future if I want to grow my business. I have to come up with a system on what to post and what to do on social media. It can no longer be that source of instant gratification and instant dopamine boost. It has to be for work and work only.

There are a couple of things that I need to do before I use Instagram again.

  1. Rebranding or rather, branding. I need to build an identity as a photographer. Less of a hipster photographer but one with style and professionalism.
  2. Find clients or rather, come up with a business model on what I can provide and what clients can expect from me. Also, pricing. What is too Low and what is too high for my skill set.
  3. Work. Got to work hard.


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