Dealing with Haters

All of us have haters especially those of us who are steadily climbing the ranks to success. People just do not like to see us be successful. They tend to stab our backs. Your true friends are those that would stand beside you and be proud for you.

Many of us take the time to think about what would people think of us. We take their judgement as permission before we carry on our lives. We seek their acceptance. We should not allow their thoughts to influence our lives and how we decide to do things. A common example today is on the question of jobs. If we say that we want to be a YouTuber, ohhh… the amount of judgement and hate will come flowing especially so in an Asian society like ours. Therefore, even if we love to do what we do, we buckle due to their judgements, we allow their perspectives and mindset mediate how we live our own lives.

Let’s learn to be ignore the thoughts of others unless it’s truly rational.

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