in the midst of projects

I’m currently in the midst of several projects that would allow me to gain the necessary skills to be an entrepreneur in the future. First, is the straws business that I’m doing. Since there is a huge gap in the market to provide cheap metal straws as an alternative to the plastic straws, I went in and sold them. I am far from earning a profit and has yet to pay back the cost of purchasing those straws but as far as I can see, it has thought me about marketing, negotiation and the rules surrounding mailing. I also realised that Facebook is an untapped market in Singapore and following the Pareto Principle, it is the place where I get 80% of the attention for 20% effort. I was thinking of furthering my efforts within NUS but since there are some adhocs that are selling straws, I should not disrupt them and just continue to focus on the customers outside of school.

Furthermore, I am the Project Director of FOC2019 and this is a huge thing for me. Leadership is usually something that someone is born with and unfortunately, I consider myself as not a born leader but one that is thought to be one. It is quite a hard thing to do and this is the moment where I have to try to see where I stand in the long list of leaders. It is going to be an experience but one that I hope to be beneficial for all the new members under my care.

For now, examinations are coming and I have to get my game on.

Till next time, cheers.

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