a step forward

they say that when one goes for umrah/hajj with the intention to become better, they would. 

I call myself a hypocrite. A person who is fronting one character and when no one is looking, I become another. 

with this chance to go for the umrah, there is one thing that I truly hope to achieve, that is to move on from the darkness that has enveloped me for almost a decade. 

12 days isn’t much as compared to a decade but I hope that significant strides will be made.

tbh, I’m nervous. despite the fact that we meet God every single day, to enter THE place where everything happened is one that fills me with intimidation and fear.

I don’t know what He will test me with but I know that whatever it is, it will be beneficial for me in the long run.

I will continue updating this blog as I go along and I hope that upon reflection, it will be filled with many insights as I make this journey of self-discovery.

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