Another Nostalgia Moment

The last time I felt like this was months and months ago. I think I wrote a blog post then too.

Anyway, it came, yet again. It is a feeling that I cannot truly describe but it is as if I’m yearning for the past or rather, the things that happened in the past. I yearn or I longed for the memories that I had such as going to Japan, playing computer games, watching Game of Thrones, playing YuGiOh. I don’t know why but these things call on me. I feel quite sad suddenly and pulled towards it. However, I also realised that if I try to satisfy this emotion, it will not actually disappear.

Anyway, because of that, I’m starting to miss a lot of things and I can get quite emotional inside. Just all round sad.

I hope it goes away but I think since it is the end of the year and with a lot of things that had happened in the past, it will not go away so quickly. It is as if my brain is reminiscing the past just to remind me to be thankful for the memories that I had.

Gah. I really miss everything, how it was like, what I did and such. The past seemed more beautiful now.

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