I met with a few friends the other day and we went into deep discussion about life, business and dreams.

One of the profound things that we discussed is to find the balance between relationships and our future. Firstly, we should try as much as possible to invest in our future. Whatever money that we get, we should put at least 90% of it into the dreams that we want to build. However, sometimes we have relationships and we feel the need to treat the other party well by buying gifts, treating her and such but if we change our mindset into that of an investment, we would slowly start to realise that the other party don’t actually matter much. Maybe not for now. As much as you love her, she too needs to understand that you are building your career for the future and whatever time we spent otherwise are just escapisms (including her).

I believe that we have to adopt such a mindset as being unemployed, we are only capable of focusing our resources on so few things. On the podcast, The Ground Up Show, Thomas Frank gave the analogy of 4 light bulbs. Each of those light bulbs represents a few things, an example would be: relationships, work, health, hobbies. We are only given a limited amount of current to light up those light bulbs. Therefore, at any one time, you can light up one light bulb very brightly or light all light bulbs dimly. I feel it is a good analogy for life as we are humans with limited resources and as imperfect as we are, we can only focus on a few things at a time and by doing so, we would have to neglect others and we shouldn’t feel guilty for that.

Going back to what my friends and I discussed previously, at this point in time, mutual understanding needs to be there about the need to invest in our careers, in our future. Sometimes neglect may come in the form of financial neglect but one needs to understand that if one invests properly, the returns will come in the future and then only can you lavishly spend on whatever you like.

2018 has been a year full of life changing events and I believe that 2019 would be similar. With many new opportunities that will be coming my way in 2019, I cannot wait to continue building my career.

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