A clean slate

We are born as a clean slate.

Whatever happens from there onwards is affected by how we are nurtured and the environment that we find ourselves in.

Those factors shape our minds and the way we think and through that we get the sense of the world that we are living in.

Our fates have already be set on paper by Allah SWT and all we have to do is to live it. However, that does not mean that we do not have free will, instead, it is through free will that we live the lives that Allah SWT has already written for us.

With that free will, we can choose. We can choose between A and B. We can choose between this or that. We are free to choose. With that, we should realise that life is all about options and through those options that we have chosen, we live it just like a mega RPG game.

Through those options that we have chosen, we build an identity for ourselves. We learn what is wrong and what is right, which options will give us maximum benefit and which options should we stay away from. We start to put markings on our clean slate, each mark a memory, a character, the formation of an identity.

Ultimately, we carve a statue of who we’ve become and who we will die as.

Choose our options wisely.

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