Don’t be afraid to dream

What am I actually chasing after?

Write it to be as detailed as possible:

I want a photography business.

What kind of photography business?

A portrait photographer with an own studio that allows Singaporean creators to launch their artworks and act as a stepping stone into the art scene. This studio can have many different segments to accommodate different types of creators from painters to singers to video editors.

A website that features these artists and their current work that allows audiences to follow them through their progress. As people are now more curious than ever to know about the thought processes and the efforts that go in into the making of an artwork or a final product, this website/magazine-styled site can be a platform to showcase it. Curated and focused, it is unlike Youtube.

Probably, it can collaborate with other artists from all over to work on works that is exclusive to a specific audience.

Instead of people discovering and shouting all across the web, we provide a curated group of creatives every month + works that enlighten creators. Allows easy access to audiences and for audiences, easy access to high-quality creators.

May it is just a dream but I think for now, this idea is fine.

But how shall I move on from here?

What should I do?

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