A list.

good morning.

I want to hustle like Gary Vaynerchuk but I think I lacked the things to do?

Regardless, I will try to hustle like him this week and get as many things done as possible. However, I still do not understand why I will fall asleep every single time when I’m reading lecture notes. It is the worst. Maybe it is my brain telling me that the content is boring or maybe it is just me as a person. Hmm… whatever it is, I must try to stay awake. I know that I’m not actually tired but rather, it is my body that enters this semi-rest mode that makes me sleepy. I need to be more engaged.

Anyway, it is already Day 4 of school and I’m feeling pumped for what is to come. I guess from my experience in school this week, it will be a very lonely semester though I think it is about time.

Okay, the hustle continues. I need to make a list of the things to do.

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