“How old are you?”


In my heart: Heck, 24?! I’m getting old. There’s no turning back.

When we were 16, we thought that when someone is 24, they would have their life together with all the aspirations to achieve success. We thought that they would be mature adults filled with mature thinking and able to make decisive decisions. Well, it is far from the truth.

I don’t think most of us who are 24 even have readiness to be an adult.


We still want to have fun, take risks, do stupid things. We are still exploring freedom.

But again, society strikes and just upon reaching our 25th birthday, the peak of freedom, we are struck by societal norms. The need to find a job, to settle down, to buy a house and ‘get our sh** together’. Regardless, we are forced into following what society asks of us and so we conform. There is no longer any time and space to procrastinate and ‘do what we want’. Maybe there is a paradigm shift in that sort of thinking in the West but not here in the East. We are still stuck in that mindset of finding a good job for a good life regardless of what we want in life. That was how our parents survived and that is what they thought us to live. To them, what is ‘passion’? It is as close a foreign word as French.

But upon realising that I’m 24 with 3 semesters left before real life hits, it somewhat give me a motivation boost to start working on my future and prepare the necessary things that I need to survive adulthood for decades to come. Aside from plans to settle down and buying a house, the thought of what my career would be also filled my already preoccupied brain. Regardless, it is something that I have to dive into.

I guess like what I said in the beginning of the semester which is to treat this year as a year of ‘experimentation’, I would. It is a year where I need to take as much risks as possible regardless of the consequences though they have to still be legal.


I think that is all for now.

Aside from the other commitments that I have like FYP and FOC, I think this will be a good year of trial and error.

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