Hustle Smart

it has already been three weeks since the semester ended and I must say that this semester is truly lonely. Most of the time, I am on my own, going about from lab to lecture and then to the library. I see people but most of the time I do not have a decent conversation with them, even with my loved ones.

I think it is also because of my inherent nature to focus on my work this semester. I mean I have been consistent in my work and have been producing things (albeit halfway for most) but I have. I have picked up on several projects which I think is interesting and I’m very much interested in completing. Furthermore, I have started to think more about my start-up that I’m trying to build and my career in the future.

Also, there will be a career fair next week though I’m not sure if I would be going there. I’m quite apprehensive about the whole thing because I’m not planning to ‘work’ for real or work for the corporations that are out there. I’m more interested in working in the small start-ups that will give me ample space to put in my ideas and ways for me to contribute. Regardless, I have to also think of finding that stable income.

There are several things to think about: marriage, career and what’s next.

Marriage is a definite. We’re planning to get hitched within 2-3 years time depending on our finances which is then dependent on having a job that pays well for a short amount of time (2-3 years too) and planning for several adult things like life insurance, housing (BTO), retirement planning and the like.

Next up is Career. Definitely, I will not be working for ‘the man’ but I will be side-hustling whilst working just to maintain a decent pay before I can jump ship. It is going to be hard and that is why I have to start working on my ideas from now on.

What’s next. There are a lot of things to focus on now but I think the most crucial of all is to get this university done and over with a 2nd class honours, minimum. I think that would put me on a safe playing field once I graduate. Furthermore, I don’t think I would be pursuing a PhD or a Masters (well depends) because of the nature of the field that I might be going in. As I’m doing my FYP now, I kind of has a sense of how the day-to-day life in a lab will be like and it is really putting me off. Despite all the boring stuff, it is interesting to learn about all of it but that’s just that, learning. I don’t think I would be interested in following ‘a path’ of continuous research and discovery. A life of troubleshooting is definitely not for me. Kind of numbs the brain after a while in my opinion.

Anyway, that’s that. I think I just have to keep hustling from now on regardless of my emotional situation. I think it is possible.

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