All of us are capable of doing good work.

But most of us are not willing to do good work.


Because it is risky.

We would rather be enslaved by ‘The Man’ and do mundane work just because it pays the bills.

But is that wrong?

No. To be honest, I am completely fine with that as long as you’re not complaining about how sh***y your boss is or how long the working hours are. I am completely fine with it because if that is what makes you happy, you should go for it. If stability is what you seek then go for it. If you think that paying the bills and getting a decent honest living is important to you then go for it. However, what I’m annoyed about is whoever that complains about how their 8-6 job restricts their creativity and how it is so inflexible and routined, how they wish to be free and knowing that, they still stayed on.

I’m ticked off at how one does not even attempt to do anything about their circumstances and resort to complaining because it is easier to do so. It is hard, chasing your dreams is hard, being a self-employed creative is hard… but if that excites you and that fulfills you, you should go for it.

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