What makes you happy?

What is your definition of success?

I didn’t realise until now that I do not really have a concrete definition of success. My life has always been revolving around hustling harder and finding a way to escape the 9-5. After listening to ‘The Ground Up Show’ by Matt D’aveila, I realised that I have yet to set a concrete idea on what is my definition of success.

The story of how Steve Wozniak rejected the chance and possibility of becoming one of the richest men really struck me. The podcast tells the story of how Steve was comfortable to become a normal working member of the company and not to be on the executive committee because he realised that that did not fulfil him. His definition of success is to build things and to have fun while doing it and when he was offered a high position, he simply rejected it because it does not fulfil any one of his definitions of success.

Therefore, the question now is, what is my definition of success?

I have always been excited about starting a family and wanting to call the shots as to when I can be home. I also never liked the idea of 9-5 where I am out there slaving for someone else’s dream. I always wanted to work for myself and be proud of my own work. I always wanted to be a creator, a person that brings actual benefit to those around him through the work that he does. I don’t want to live a mundane life. I don’t want finances to be an issue.

Maybe my definitions of success are/what makes me happy:

  1. Create art and design through my skills in the industry. (Be a Creative)
  2. Call the shots as to when and how I go about my day. (Be in control)
  3. Have fun while doing it.

I think those are my guiding light now and I think that as long as whatever I do meet them, I will go ahead with it.

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