The Reality of Today

This video clearly explains the situation that we are in today. We are not in it for the experience but instead the portrayal of it.

We are currently living in a world where social media rules the world, literally. Look at politics where politicians bend to the will of the people when a movement goes viral. Look at Entertainment where the more fascinating and outrageous news is promoted by its virality is displayed everywhere. Even how we carry ourselves is predetermined by the social media following that we have.

The current generation tries to differentiate itself from the previous ones by not harping on materialism. That is why movements like Marie Kondo and minimalism is gaining traction. The idea of ‘I would rather pay for the experience than material goods’ is popular amongst millennials. However, with the rampant use of social media in our daily lives, we’re starting to see a shift in this paradigm. It has become less of ‘the experience’ but more of the ‘commodification’ of it. 

Therefore, we seek the awe of others whenever they scroll through our feed. We seek to be better than them in terms of the experiences that we have and the lives that we portray. Instagram and Facebook have become less of a platform to ‘share our experiences’ and more of a platform to ‘build our experiences’.

I strongly recommend everyone to watch the video because I feel that it sends a clear message as to our predicament this generation.

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