Not an Aesthetic

I’m sure everyone now knows about the slowly growing lifestyle movement that is Minimalism. With the increasing awareness of the lifestyle with bloggers and Youtubers that preach it, normal people are trying to find their way in applying such a lifestyle into their everyday life. However, the video argued that the lifestyle movement that is supposed to reduce waste and save the Earth is starting to become something less of that and more of a status symbol.

There are definitely some people who are true minimalist who lives their lives following the minimalism mindset because it helps them to focus and not to be caught up in the consumerist culture, however, there are also some people who adopt the minimalism lifestyle so that they can find an excuse to purchase expensive things for ‘quality’. Not only that, by doing so, they flaunt their purchases online and depict this lifestyle as something that is exclusive and aesthetically pleasing.

Definitely, Minimalism in itself has an aesthetic that appeals to certain groups of people and by following such a lifestyle, one can achieve it. However, when one forgets the purpose of such a lifestyle, it can go against the original philosophy of the lifestyle.

I am not hating on whoever that subscribes to the Minimalist lifestyle or any lifestyle for that matter. However, I am definitely against the hypocrisy that runs rampant in it. Whatever we do, we need to be aware of the purpose and our intentions behind it because if we are not careful, we might be caught red-handed doing the opposite of what we say we are doing.

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