It continues

They say tell a story and the only story I have is that of my journey.

With every day that comes, there’ll be new opportunities and thus, more decisions to be made.

As of now, it is that of my future. Shall I do a PhD?

The argument against is that I want to do something else that is completely unrelated to science and to pursue my dreams of building a business. I have always wanted to have autonomy over my time and I feel that only through building a business of my own can I do so. However, I am self aware enough that I might not have the characteristics to be the sole operator of a business.

I guess what I’m looking for is the in-between, between working for The Man and also working for myself, to have autonomy over my own decisions and time.

So if I were to do PhD, I would be enslaved to another 4 years of studying and a path that will not bring me closer to my dreams. It would be nice to have that title but nothing else.

I doubt I would be pursuing a career in the sciences as it does not fulfill me. I feel empty and bored every time I’m in the lab and I can’t seem to find thrill in research.

So what I’m planning to do instead is to do 1-2 years of my own thing and see where that go. If it goes well, I would continue pursuing it. If not, I might return to research and continue trying on the side. I guess I can tolerate research for a certain period of time but not for very long.

Anyway, the hustle is real and if I want to sustain myself and a possible family in the future.

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