Lessons Learnt

It hasn’t been a good few days.

Who would’ve known that it would come to this?

I guess the signs were there all along but I wasn’t able to do anything about it. I should’ve known. I really should’ve.

I know that I can go through it if it comes to that but I just don’t know how long. I’m good at keeping my emotions at bay which sucks because most of the time I don’t know whether I am truly sincere or whether I just have no emotions.

But I really feel more disappointed than sad. Disappointed because of my failure to do anything about it and disappointed because it might have been a wrong call on my part. Sigh I have placed so much hopes and dreams and I really thought we could pull through…

I have made my proposal and I just hope we’ll try one more time but I had promised that if she is less than a 100% for it, I’d rather not pursue. A one-sided relationship is not what I want, ever.

Maybe we might be better suited for each other in the future or maybe not at all. Maybe that was my one and only chance at love? Who knows. Whatever her decision is, I’ll respect it. Whatever happens, I’ve tried my best and may it be part of the long list of lessons I’ve learnt in life.

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