Small actions build great things

“Well-being is realized by smalls steps, but is truly no small thing.”

–Zeno, Quoted in Diogenes Laertius

There’s a saying in Malay which goes like ‘sikit-sikit lama-lama jadi bukit’ which means that every small action as long as it is consistent will slowly build up into something greater.

I think that is the same for that quote from The Daily Stoic. It reminds us that every small action might not seemingly look important but ultimately it will build into something greater. The example that I want to share is on our character. Character cannot be built immediately or changed in a split second but with constant training and conscious effort, one can improve our character as a person.

That was one of the things I realised after the break. There were so many things that I have laxed that I was no longer growing as a person. I become a vanilla, that boring person with repetitive actions whilst she sought out for more. I haven’t been doing the small steps that made me a successful individual before the relationship. My morning and evening routine were butchered and I no longer exercise as fervently as before.

It was possible that priorities had changed but I feel that it was more of feeling too comfortable knowing that my life was somewhat secured. Thus, only after it ended do I realise that that isn’t the case. These small nonactions destroyed me as a person and my drive waned.

Now I have to fix it and become better. Not for her but for myself. To replace that fragment that was lost and to build the life that I really wanted.

Small steps might not mean anything but it will compound over time. May my efforts not be wasted. Amin.

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