Yet another Ramadan has passed.

but after all these years, everything still seemed the same.

Nothing drastic has changed in my life. Well I thought it had last year but turns out I’m back to square one and it made me realise how futile our efforts can be if it is just not meant to be in the first place. It is as if we are leading our lives in a huge cosmic joke, trying our best to achieve something but ended up with nothing.

But I think we can seek comfort knowing that we have actually learnt something from our experiences. With Eid this year being one that I’m single again, I have to navigate back to how I was like before all of that happened which is to just trudged on these two days of Eid and immediately go back to work on the third day (I have been facing productivity problems as of late and I just can’t wait to get back on track.)

I think it is just sad that Eid this year will be the same like the Eid 2 years back. It just shows how 0 progress I have made in my life story. It sucks. It really sucks but I guess the lessons learnt from it is something that I can hold on to till I die.

Ah I’m sorry to put all of you in this sombre mood. Regardless, I’m just blessed to have supportive friends that understands me and could comfort me when I needed it. But then again, this Eid, my loneliness is even more apparent.

May our deeds in the past Ramadan be accepted and may we continue to grow into better people. May we not remain stagnant and may we achieve happiness. Amin.

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