No one is coming

I watched a video yesterday about one of the greatest advice someone ever received from Seth Godin:

“No one is coming, you have to save yourself.”

–Seth Godin

I think that is a beautiful reminder for everyone of us who are in a rut or in a very terrible situation. When we are in such a state, we begin to think of ourselves as victims, victims of our circumstances, victims of society… but we are not. We need to change that mindset and that instead of thinking of ourselves as victims waiting to be rescued, we have to think of ourselves as survivors, survivors of our circumstances, survivors of what He has put us through. We need to save ourselves and it is only through us with the help of Allah SWT that we can change our future and the path that we will be leading.

The decisions that we make here on out have the capability to change our future regardless of the circumstances that we are in. Some of us might think that it is unfair that we are not blessed with certain things i.e. divorced parents, financially unstable etc. but also know that Allah SWT will reward each and every one of us differently and it is the struggle that counts. As we continue to jihad our own nafs and our own challenges in our lives, Allah SWT will reward us.

May we continue to grow and develop into people that always seek His help and may we continue to be people that never fail to be grateful for what He has blessed us with. Amin.

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