I need to learn how to love.

I realised that it was all my fault… that I was not able to love her the way she wanted to be loved which is to support her regardless of the decisions that she makes and I think it goes across the board for anyone that wants to be loved.

and I wasn’t able to deliver that. I didn’t realise that saying that you love the person is as important as showing it subtly. I didn’t realise that all she needed was someone to support her and not to advice her to drop things. I’m sorry. I guess I see things too binary. It is my fault and I have to live with that.

sigh. if only I knew about it sooner.

I have to learn how to love and be compassionate. I guess I’ve never been shown how to and it just feels weird to do so. I’m sorry but I really do want to show love… sigh.

I don’t know anymore.

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